Our Services

Many software companies provide IT solution through incomplete problem analysis or sometimes they just simplify the problem to match their available on-hand solution. In PST, we would:

  1. Analyze and optimize your business structures and processes (taking references from "best-practices")
  2. Support you during the process-oriented implementation
  3. Help you to restructure your organization accordingly
  4. Create and implement your customized internet and intranet concepts
  5. Complete your projects in a methodical manner using proven tools
  6. Perform proper sizing of your hardware
  7. Help you to build internal team competencies for sustain the running system
  8. Provide sustainable supports for your operational and long terms planning

In short, PST would provide a total solution for your company to achieve your business objective through combination of process, people and technology (software, hardware or infrastructure) aligned with your business strategy.

Types of services provided by PST are:

Our Clients

1. United Tractors 12. Panasia Group
2. Terminal Teluk Lamong 13. Astra Mobil (ASMO)
3. Astra Honda Motor 14. Bank Jasa Arta
4. Bina Pertiwi  15. Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Ketapang
5. Schott 16. Asean Motor International
6. Fuchs Indonesia 17. Leuwijaya Utama Textile
7. Aisin Indonesia 18. Oriental International Bali Hotel
8. Unza Vitalis 19. Mitsubishi Chemical
9. Harmoni Panca Utama 20. Mulia Industry Group
10. Mitra Cakrawala Internasional 21. Bika Pharama Cipt
11. Trisula Corporation 22. Genovate Indonesia