Prima Sistem Terpadu (PST)

PT Prima Sistem Terpadu (PST) is a local IT consultant company, which provides total solution through information technology implementation. PST was established in 1999, and has been partnering with SAP Indonesia as SAP ERP Silver Partner.

About Us

Prima Sistem Terpadu (PST) is an IT total solution provider, specializing in SAP Solutions (Company Profile). We provide products and services that are aligned with your businesses.

PST is the people, product, and process working cohesively towards your success. Through honest partnership, we believe that technology transfer is not just a slogan.

Many IT implementation, especially Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), were failing due to lack of understanding of customer business processes and issues. Each company is unique on its own and we can not just assume that any best practices is suitable and applicable.. Therefore, we are here to help you find them and conform it with your organization culture and management approaches. Our team consists of people who have experiences in various industries, and as a result, we are able to understand more clearly about what the customer wants and what the best possible solution is for them.


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About Us

Our Vision

Apply suitable world class best practices into all range of industries through rapid and efficient implementation of IT as a competitive tool for winning the global competition

Our Mission

To be a valuable asset for the nation in helping the local companies to save their Information Technology Project Investment and to prepare their human resource competencies in applicable IT

Logo Philosophy

The business environment and competition always change. It is the nature of business itself. Meanwhile, the colour of the company that plays in the business game, is clear. Puzzle is kind of the game where each piece has a unique shape and is placed in a certain position to form a bigger picture. Each piece should be fit in with the previous and the next pieces. PST chose a puzzle as its logo due to its similarity in nature to the business itself. Just like a puzzle, we can help you to create the bigger picture in order for your company to fit in with global challenges.


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