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ERP implementation is more than just an implementation of software or automation of the current business processes. ERP system is merely a tool to help you running the business. Its implementation should be driven by the business processes, instead of the tool.

We realize that many ERP implementations are over budget and too big of an investment for customer. Therefore, our sole concern is to ensure SAP ERP implementation with better TCO (total cost of ownership), faster ROI (return on investment), and proper business processes.

PST has successfully helped many customers in implementing SAP ERP. Most of them had a very limited knowledge of SAP at first. However, all the barriers and issues can be solved through honest partnership between our consultants and the client.


The fast growing of technology has changed the face of the world, which forces business players to redefine the way they run their business. A lot of conventional business processes have been re-engineered by applying IT as enabler.

Our experiences enable us to see the wisdom on applying the most beneficial, as well as efficient and effective technology for our client.

In addition to eliminating the non-value added process, we will help you to see other possibilities that will increase your company value.


Confusion in setting the priority of business processes initiatives derives from the complexities of the business processes itself.

We will help you see the overall business process and set the priority of business initiatives based on the core competencies that you have to build (related to your company vision) in delivering better values to your business partners.

Strategic information planning has become an IT blueprint that will give a complete picture or guide line for the stakeholder in determining the priority of initiatives and decision making process.

Detailed business processes and initiatives, including the investment of each initiative, will be delivered to you, as well as the estimated TCO and its returned.


PST has been an authorised Value Added Reseller (VAR) of SAP and was awarded the “Partner Center of Expertise” certification, which is a title granted for the successful completion of the audit process for SAP VAR-Delivered Support.