SAP R/3 Implementation

One of PST services is SAP R/3 Implementer. It is provided since PST realizes that many SAP implementations were over budget and cost a big investment to customer, while in PST evaluation, the investment should not to be as big as it was.

Beside, many buzzwords about best practices in SAP were sole by implementer, which basically not all of them are applicable for the customer. However, the customers are force to take it for granted.

SAP Implementation competency had been built by PST founder, Mr. Peter Syaiful, since 1996, and it was transferred into a business in 1999 together with the establishment of PST as an entity.

SAP implementation is not just an implementation of software, or an automation of the current business processes. SAP is a tool and its implementation should be driven by business processes.

The founder has put his big concern to customer who is planning to apply SAP in their company, in this case, how to implement SAP with better cost or investment, and proper business processes. In short how the customer could implement SAP successfully and get better TCO (total cost of ownership) in implementing SAP.

PST has successfully helped many customers in implementing SAP. Most of them have very limited knowledge’s about SAP. However, the successful implementation could only be achieved through honest partnership between consultant and client, to see all the barriers and issues along the implementation as the team challenges to be solved.