Puzzle Implementation

PST has realized that in this information ages, globalization and competitive business environment, the pressure that a company faced is higher. Winning the business competition is become along objective, since struggle with its live has been much more urgent than before. Integrated business application on information technology platform is not only a ‘wanted” investment, but has been move as “needed” investment. Ability to access information accurately and quickly will arm the company to survive, and its better strategy will address them to win the competition.

The ability to access information accurately and quickly needs an investment that has to be made by management. However, most of the available integrated business applications are provided by big worldwide vendors, which cost big investment for the customer who needs it.

Again, through PST competencies in integrated business application development and implementation, basically it should not cost such amount of investment. Therefore, in year 2000, PST has decided to develop an integrated business application called Puzzle, which has been designed and constructed with top class integrated business application in the world as its references.

Puzzle has been built under Oracle database platform in open system architecture. Oracle as database has been selected due to its reliability and cost less initial investment. Through this approach, it is expecting that the TCO of Puzzle implementation could be reduced to affordable and rational investment.

Puzzle implementation approach is business process driven; it is not just an application software implementation. The success implementation of Puzzle integrated business application could be achieved through a good partnership and commitment from both parties, i.e.: PST and client.

Following are the business application modules that have been developed by PST:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Fixed Asset Management
  3. Sales & Distribution
  4. Material Management
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Service Management
  7. Human Resources Management
  8. Banking Application