Business processes, by their nature, are very complex and cut across different organization units. These processes are varying, depending on the type of industry and the company (policies) its self. An information technology is become a tool to make those things simple and manageable, however it requires investment from the stake holder which in certain case required a big investment for it.

Puzzle is created to provide a solution that integrates every resources within enterprise as unity of whole information.

Puzzle is not just application software, but it is business process that flowing through information technology. Puzzle implementation will prepare all resources to be more efficient and effective in order could deliver better values and achieve customer satisfaction. It will eliminate administration complexity and place the information on analysis purposes.

What is Puzzle-HRM System?


"Puzzle - Human Resource Management" is a product application built for managing the enterprise human resources information system.

The flexibility and easiness implementation make Puzzle-HR application suitable to be applied in many kind of company from small, middle or even enterprise that have more than one company.

The system is built using J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) and Oracle database with multi platform that can be deployed easily on any server and any operating system, which make this system so powerful to keep huge numbers of data. This application using multi tiered and multi user concept which's so many users in the same time can access the system easily with each their authority.

Application Modules:

HR (Human Resources) Business Model of Puzzle-HRM Application comprises of three modules, i.e.: Personnel Administration (PA), Personnel Development (PD) and Employee Self Services.

  • Personnel Administration (PA)
  • includes all of employee's administration, since they become an applicant until their retirement
    • Personnel Information Management
    • Time Management
    • Benefits Management
    • Payroll Administration
    • Travel Management
    • Recruitment Management


  • Personnel Development (PD)
  • includes management and development of human resources based on their qualification, career, promotion, training, and placement
    • Competency Management
    • Development Plan
    • Appraisal System
    • Succession Planning
    • Training and Event Management


  • Employee Self Services
  • Every employee can access their own data through the system and can perform several transaction such as: leave planning, benefit claims, change personnel data, and more.
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