Trisula Corporation



Even Better Than You Think

Trisula Corporation is a holding company of twelve textiles and garment manufacturing, and has six subsidiaries in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia. Trisula is of complete vertical integrated manufacturing and marketing yarn and fabrics to retailing sophisticated made-up goods, which promises good products and services to each customer around the globe.

The management of Trisula have asked PST to implement SAP R/3 (the biggest ERP in the world) for their big subsidiaries, such as:

    • Implemented SAP R/3 Modules for FI, CO, SD and MM
    • Implemented Entities
      • Trisula Textile Industries - Bandung
      • Southern Cross Textile Industries - Ciracas
      • Trisula Garmindo - Bandung
      • Trisula Corporation - Holding, Jakarta
    • Exelcom
      • Outsourching for ABAP programing
    • Implemented Puzzle Human Resources Management System for 5 legal entities
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