About Us


Prima Sistem Terpadu (PST) is an IT total solutions provider, especially in SAP R/3 Implementation and Oracle Application Development, which provides aligned products and services with our customer businesses. PST is the people, products, and processes working cohesively towards our customer's success. Through honest partnership, we believe that technology transfer will not only be a slogan anymore. We will give you our 100% commitment to your success by ensuring faster return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.

Many IT Implementation, especially Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) were failing because of consultant's lack understanding upon the customer business culture. The consultant have never felt as customer. The consultant often bring their experiences and expecting the customer already run their businesses base on ERP best practices standard. On the other side the customer sometime very difficult to change their business processes to match the pattern of ERP best practices.

Realizing this reality, PST was established to fill this gap since it was founded by the people who has many experiences as the customer and we would know what the customer clear and hidden expectations from their consultants very well.


Logo Philosophy

The business is keep changing, and the environment of competitions is keep changing, that is the nature of the business itself. However, the color of the company, whose plays in the business game, is clear.

Puzzle is kind of the game where each piece has a unique shape and place in the certain coordinates to form a bigger picture. Each piece should be tight up with the previous and the next pieces, which finally show its complete picture.

PST chose a puzzle as its logo due to its similarity in nature with the business itself. Puzzle as a piece has a unique shape, therefore, Puzzle as an application for a certain customer has different configuration too.

Puzzle as a piece should be tight up with the previous and the next pieces, while Puzzle as an application module has to be able to tight up the previous and the next business processes.

Puzzle as PST’s logo has no standard dimension (wide and length), as each piece of Puzzle has its owned place, as business environment is keep changing


Apply suitable world class best practices into all range industries through rapid and efficient implementation of IT as a competitive tool for winning the global competition


To be a valuable asset for the nation in helping the local companies to save their Information Technology Project Investment and to prepare their human resources competencies in applicable IT